What our clients say about us

Semi Permanent Makeup and Having the Perfect Eyebrows make a difference.

Gemma Nicol

Scottish & British International Athlete

My experience with Jillian and her Pure Definition eyebrow procedure was amazing. Being a Scottish International athlete, I’ve always felt that my appearance is important. I didn’t realise how bad my eyebrows were until I had my consultation with Jillian. My face has been transformed for the better and it has given me more confidence about the way I look.

I’ve had a lot of compliments from the other girls that I race against and they are always shocked when I explain to them that they aren’t my real eyebrows. Now when I head down to the track or out for a run, I don’t need to worry about my eyebrows being the same shape and colour and I don’t need to waste time getting ready.

I always say, “how are you supposed to perform at your best if you don’t feel good about yourself!” This procedure has definitely transformed not only my looks, but the way I feel.


Stephen Hewitt

Dundee Academy of Beauty

I had a lash enhancement performed by Jillian and love it. It’s subtle but makes a huge difference. With having short, fair lashes it has given me the depth and definition that tinting hasn’t been able to give me in the past!!

Ashley Anderson

Thank you soooooo much for my new amazing brows no longer got brow envy!!! I feel so much more confident. And I can’t believe how quick the process was. And Jillian was very informative and made me feel at home whilst I was getting these beauties done. HIGHLY RECOMMENDED!!!!! Get booked in girls xxx



I was diagnosed with mouth cancer a few years back. My post operation scarring left me with severe disfigurement to my mouth, knocking my confidence and lowering my self-esteem. My plastic surgeon recommended post surgery micro pigmentation to rebalance my lips to achieve more facial symmetry. This truly changed my life!

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