Experienced Professional

Jillian Sharp
Director and Owner

Semi Permanent Makeup Artist

Jillian’s professional skills and creativity span over 20 years.

Having initially trained as a “complete make-up artist”, Jillian qualified with Greasepaint London in prosthetics, cinematographic and theatrical make-up. Jillian then went on to train with John Woodbridge Productions London, again in prosthetics, before furthering her career spending 16 years in Italy working in fashion and television with Andrea Lombardi in Milan.


Jillian specialises in paramedical permanent cosmetics, a field where she is highly regarded. She is also an expert in tattoo removal.

Her artistry and experience is renowned within the industry and her work has appeared on international fashion, television and magazines as well as working with global brands such as Sony, Virgin and Polygon. She is certified as a make up artist and has worked alongside the innovators industry as well as pioneers in micro-pigmentation (permanent make-up)*

Jillian practices in over 40 salons, spas and clinics all over Scotland and the rest of the UK.

Her experience includes:

  • Fashion show/runway
  • Major music industry performances/tours
  • Teaching seminars/events
  • Prosthetics artistry for films and television


She has trained with and gained certification alongside the innovators of the make-up artistry industry, for example:

  • Greasepaint (London)
  • Andrea Lombardi (Milan)
  • John Woodbridge (Twickenham & London)
  • Susan Church (IIPC)
  • Sfumature (Bologna)
  • Boitek (Milan)
  • Noveau (Karen Bett)
  • Debra Robson Lawrence (Harley Street)

Jillian’s highly sought after skills and experience have given her the opportunity to work with and create looks for the following individuals:

  • Joan Osborne
  • Elton John
  • The Lighthouse Family
  • Sheryl Crow
  • Miss Italy
  • Miss Bellisima
  • Elite Milano
  • Wella Italy

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